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This winter, help your boy look cool by dressing him up with different winter style looks. You’ll have no problem with this at all since you’ll probably find what you need in your boy’s closet. Boys love to wear cool and comfortable casual clothes. All you have to do is mix and match what your boy already has to give him a whole new look for the cold season.The key to achieving the cool and casual look for your boy is by layering classic clothing. Pick a graphic tee for the inside shirt and pair it with button-up plaids or striped shirts. Base the pattern on the most dominating color of the image in the tee. A hoody can also serve as a perfect outerwear. Complete the get up with a pair of casual jeans and retro footwear such as Chucks Converse shoes.If your son is into sports, the sports star look will be perfect for him. Whether he’s a basketball star or a football jockey, he’ll surely love sporting around with his sports tee and track pants on. For his outer wear, a Nike or Adidas pullover will look best, though he might also want to flash his own school’s jersey. Depending on the kind of sports he is involved in, a cool pair of athletic shoes will wrap the style.Unleash the rock star in your youngster with the winter rock star look. Boys who love to get funky are into this kind of fashion. Get your boy a tee with the face of his favorite rock star printed on it. Partner it with a pair of cool semi-worn out jeans with small rips and holes for the design. Moreover, overlay his tee with a camouflage military jacket. And lastly, get him stomping with cool rock boots!If you think that the preppy look has been long gone, you’re absolutely wrong. Its revival in the year 2000 has led it to become one of kids favorite fashion style especially now that it has been infused with more personality. As you probably know, the preppy look comes with the traditional rugby shirt, the classic button-down shirt, a blazer, a pair of trousers, and a pair of athletic shoes.It’s important to understand that kids whether boys or girls love to look good, especially when they are beginning to approach their adolescent years. Let your boy choose the best look that would fit his personality and never push your own preferences.

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Nothing (well, almost nothing) can compare to the thrill of driving a road-hugging high performance sports car. Instant steering response. Power at the exact nanosecond you ask for it.Then, if you have one of the sexier models, you’ll attract attention on the road, filling up, and in the shopping mall parking lot.Yes, you can pretend you’re driving the Autobahn with the wind blowing your hair. But beware of state troopers just waiting for an “arrest me red” entry on their ticket issuing track record.Before You Fall In Love . . .Before you step into that showroom and fall in love, consider the following practicalities:1) How much do you want to spend? $20,000? $30,000? Or more?2) What’s the tradeoff between performance (power) and gas mileage? Higher performance usually equals less gas mileage.Does the vehicle use premium gas? Right now, the difference between premium and regular is 20 cents per gallon. At 20 miles per gallon and 15,000 miles per year, the cost differential is $150.3) What about reliability? Some upscale models cost considerably more to maintain and have a higher incidence of repair costs. Would you appreciate paying $125 just to diagnose the problem when the check engine light comes on? Or paying $70 for an oil change?4) In a climate where snow and ice are winter realities, do you want to drive it year round? Or store it over the winter?A rear wheel drive sports car is impractical for winter driving. A front, all-wheel, or 4-wheel drive sport car can be driven in snow and ice, if you use all-season tires. If the little devil comes with performance tires, you will want to buy all-season tires (and possibly rims) for winter driving. Add another $1500 to the price of the car for the right tires and rims.Do Your Homework . . .5) Once you’ve decided price, performance, gas mileage, reliability, and practicality for all-season driving, get on the Internet. Here you can compare models and pricing and read reviews. Google “buying a new car” or “new car prices” and several sites will pop up.Another source is Consumer Report (the new car issue) where your criteria will be easy to find. Red dots are good. Black dots are not. Most American car dealers consider this issue of Consumer Report a nightmare because it favors foreign car models, especially Asian cars. However, as explained in the newest version of this report, American car manufacturers are catching up.6) Find out what you should pay before stepping into a showroom. Dealers will offer below invoice prices even on some sports cars because of rebates, dealer incentives, and dealer returns when they make a sale.7) Remember the incidentals. Yes, you have to pay to transport the vehicle from the manufacturer. Yes, you have to pay for options. And remember the sales (and sometimes luxury) tax.The Driving Experience . . .8) Unless you have driven the exact model and year you want to purchase, step into the showroom and test drive the car. Driving the previous year’s model is unacceptable. If the dealer lures you into his web and asks you to test drive an earlier model, RUN out of the show room. You’re wasting your time.9) Pick at least 2 different road types for test driving. The winding, hilly road is one road type. Road hugging capabilities are tested here. If the car is standard, smooth-shifting is another test. A car that cuts back after you release the clutch is NOT smooth shifting.The highway is another road type. Make sure power is sufficient to handle entrance ramps and merging with traffic. If you get an instant response at highway speeds, the car is a possible winner.Closing the Deal . . .10) If you like the car, get the dealer’s best quote. Then, find at least one other dealer to give you another quote ON THE SAME CAR. If you don’t like the car in the test drive, you probably won’t like the car – ever. Move on to the next model.11) When you decide on a car, call your insurance company and find out what the vehicle will cost per year. And don’t choke on your coffee when you hear the amount – you can shop around.12) Estimate how much the real estate taxes will be on the car, especially if it’s a high-priced model. This could be another financial shocker!As you can see, sports car buying is a process. Do you need to do all this stuff? Nope, you don’t. But consider the financial sticker shock when you’re paying an extraordinary amount for maintenance, repairs, gas, insurance, and taxes! Just for that Autobahnesque experience!

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Escape the English Winter & Be the Envy of Your Friends as you Enjoy the Sun & Become a Sun Golfer Playing Your Favourite Sport in SE CyprusWhy put up with the cold European weather and be miserable, when with a little effort and expertise you can find the perfect solution to escape it? You can show off your knowledge and be the envy of your friends when you announce that you are treating your wife (and your self) to a winter sun this year and become a Sun Golfer! With plenty of available rental properties in the quiet season, the choice is yours.The best time to go for golfing is from October and May, when the season finishes. You will not be cold throughout the winter as the average temperature is between 20C – 26 C. However, it can be quite cold in the evenings, so you will need to choose an apartment with a heating system. Rain is a rarity even in the winter, so you will not have to rush off from the golf course, a good winter jacket will serve you well, on and off the course.Information is abundant when it comes to giving you ideas about places as you search for your ideal location. It is fair to say that the Pafos and Limassol area have most of the golf courses. Unfortunately, these locations do not have the beautiful sandy beaches where your other half can spend time lazing about. Do you want to be able to drive to your golf course and have total quiet, or would you prefer it to be closer to shops and restaurants? Close to the beach, maybe a good idea, where your partner can enjoy a walk. Close to town to be able to stroll for a coffee or a restaurant in the evening.However, you must do your due diligence when it comes to choosing the location of your choice for playing golf. Currently open 18 hole golf courses are Aphrodite Hill, Secret Valley, Tsada and Vikla and under construction the Tersefanou Golf Course. The Golf courses are mostly on the Pafos and Limassol area, except the one in Tersefanou. I will keep you informed on this latest one, as it is in the Larnaca region and it will be the finest in the Med. It will come with top-notch restaurants, bars, health spas, swimming pools and anything else you can think that is necessary to make this a five-star location. They plan to open 2012. Once this opens, properties in the south will gain considerable status and value. Another 18 hole course is planned for the Ayia Napa area.Therefore, it is fair to say that Cyprus will soon be the mecca for golf and will overtake Portugal within the next ten years – according to Tony Jacklin, the Ryder Cup winner. Jacklin is now heavily involved in designing two new courses at the Aristo Developers Secret Valley Golf Course in the Pafos area. Other big stars, Nick Faldo and Jack Nicklaus are also already involved in golf projects on the island.The good news is that you do not need to drive an hour to play golf. Our local one called; Ayios Nikolaos Golf Club is located on the Station at the Joint Service Signal Unit near the village of Vrysoulles. It has 9 holes and a 17 Tee Box, which will challenge any golfer. The membership is a varied one with plenty of ex-pats mixed with the natives and has a very sociable and relaxed atmosphere. There is a very busy golfing season (October – May) with many competitions being organised. For more information contact the office at +357 239 57505.While you are playing golf, your other half needs to occupy her (maybe it is himself) as well. I am glad to report that they will not be bored, as there are so many places to visit around the Nissi – Ayia Napa area. From visiting the ancient villages for a local culture to going into the town of Limassol visiting museums of history, wine tasting, shopping and site seeing. There are many group activities for sport, yoga, Pilates around Protaras, which is a fifteen minutes drive from Ayia Napa. The local villages around the ‘touristy’ areas are all-authentic and can be reached by a short drive. The climate is fabulous, the food is reasonable, especially if you go proper shopping places where the natives shop. You can try the local market, which is, less than ten minutes drive up on the Nissi High Street towards the Limassol road. English, as you probably know, is widely spoken and the natives are very friendly and easygoing people. They even drive on the left as in the UK, so it will not be difficult to feel at home. So what are you waiting for? Get stuck into your research, make your choice and book that flight!This is a definite Hole in One!Wishing you happy winter holiday!