Different Looks For Your Boy This Winter | anniestoddard.info

This winter, help your boy look cool by dressing him up with different winter style looks. You’ll have no problem with this at all since you’ll probably find what you need in your boy’s closet. Boys love to wear cool and comfortable casual clothes. All you have to do is mix and match what your boy already has to give him a whole new look for the cold season.The key to achieving the cool and casual look for your boy is by layering classic clothing. Pick a graphic tee for the inside shirt and pair it with button-up plaids or striped shirts. Base the pattern on the most dominating color of the image in the tee. A hoody can also serve as a perfect outerwear. Complete the get up with a pair of casual jeans and retro footwear such as Chucks Converse shoes.If your son is into sports, the sports star look will be perfect for him. Whether he’s a basketball star or a football jockey, he’ll surely love sporting around with his sports tee and track pants on. For his outer wear, a Nike or Adidas pullover will look best, though he might also want to flash his own school’s jersey. Depending on the kind of sports he is involved in, a cool pair of athletic shoes will wrap the style.Unleash the rock star in your youngster with the winter rock star look. Boys who love to get funky are into this kind of fashion. Get your boy a tee with the face of his favorite rock star printed on it. Partner it with a pair of cool semi-worn out jeans with small rips and holes for the design. Moreover, overlay his tee with a camouflage military jacket. And lastly, get him stomping with cool rock boots!If you think that the preppy look has been long gone, you’re absolutely wrong. Its revival in the year 2000 has led it to become one of kids favorite fashion style especially now that it has been infused with more personality. As you probably know, the preppy look comes with the traditional rugby shirt, the classic button-down shirt, a blazer, a pair of trousers, and a pair of athletic shoes.It’s important to understand that kids whether boys or girls love to look good, especially when they are beginning to approach their adolescent years. Let your boy choose the best look that would fit his personality and never push your own preferences.