Malta – One Small Island, Four Top Sports |

Situated in the Mediterranean, just below Italy and one of the southernmost places in Europe, Malta is a fabulous destination for school sports tours, offering convenience, accessibility, a wide range of sports options, and the kind of weather that allows for flexible scheduling, even in winter. So instead of struggling out of bed in sub-zero conditions to get your students motivated at training, why not wake up to the sun and experience some world-class facilities by planning a tour to Malta?The island is a prime setting for sports training camps, especially for teachers, coaches and students who wish to get away from the cold and dreariness of winter, and make the best use of time for training – whether the sport of choice is rugby, netball, football (soccer), cricket or anything else you can imagine.British Sports, International Tournaments, and a Mediterranean SettingReadily accessible with flights (low-cost and otherwise) available from Manchester, London and the Midlands, schools sports tours to Malta are an economic yet entertaining way to add to students’ sports training. Winter matches in warm sunshine and with world-class facilities are just a short plane ride away – about three hours from the UK on average.Given the large British population on the island, there are plenty of different options available for school sports tours, such as rugby, football, netball and cricket. All are coached and played to UK standards. World-class coaching clinics are also available for refining form, tactics and techniques, as well as scheduled matches with other athletic groups, tailored to different student levels and requirements for the various university and school sports teams.A trip to Malta can offer the younger athlete a taste of multinational games- a valuable element to maximise training. It allows them the opportunity to play with teams both from the UK and other countries.Malta School Sports Tours- Adding the FunWhile Malta’s year-round sunshine makes it ideal for an extension of the training for school teams, school sports tours to Malta are more than just training drills and tournament matches. As part of a lovely archipelago of islands between Sicily and North Africa it has amazing array of things to discover such as historical sites, beautiful scenery, forts, fishing villages and plenty of arts, archaeology and architecture. School sports tours to Malta are not only highly beneficial in terms of physical and sports education, but the many cultural aspects create a valuable experience for students of all ages.